Injectable Anabolic.
(Oily solution of Nandrolone at 5%)

Description and properties:
Anabolic. Reconstituent. Fattening. Oily solution of Nandrolone at 5%. Anabolic steroid which encourages the tissue constraction process, stimulates erythropoiesis and counteracts catabolism. This results in weight gaining, fast growth, general condition improvement and recovery from deficiencies.

Formula: Every 100 ml it contains:
Nandrolona Fenpropionato5 g
Oily excipientc.s.

For growth and weight-gaining stimulation in animals. Anemia. Weak animals. Lack of appetite (Anorexy). Delayed growth. Specially recommended for treatment of weak animals as a consequence of nutritional deficits.

Suggested dose: 1 ml every 100 kilos of live weight every 30-45 days (cattle, dogs, sheep and pigs).
In dogs and cats 1-5 mg per kg liveweight every 3-4 weeks.
These doses may vary according to professional criteria.

By intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

Prostate cancer. Mammary cancer resistant to androgens. Nephrosis. Cardiac deficiency.

Use restrictions:
Do not slaughter treated animals, nor consume or industrialize their milk until 30 day after the last treatment.

For use in:
Cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats.

Flasks of 100 ml net content.