Background in Conservation of Nature:



  • Member of the Del Plata Ornithological Society (AOP), until the present. 
  • Member of the Argentina Wildlife Foundation (FVSA), up to 1987 




  • Participant of the Second Inventory of Flora and Fauna of the Urugua-í Stream, in the province of Misiones. (FVSA). 
  • Member of the Group "Action for Conservation"  (FVSA), up to 1984. 
  • Member of the Group "Visual Media" (FVSA), lecturing about conservation of nature in schools and institutions, up to 1985. 
  • Member of the Group "Herpetofauna" (FVSA), working on conservation of reptiles and amphibians, up to 1985. 



  • Participant of the Fifth Meeting of the Parts CITES in Buenos Aires. 
  • Director of the 21st Course for Begginer Birdwatchers  (AOP). 
  • Creation and Coordination of the Group "Marine and Shore Birds" (AMYC), up to 1987 (FVSA). 
  • General Coordinator of Groups of Volunteers (FVSA), up to 1985. 



  • Member of the Group "National Strategy of Natural Areas" (GENAN), up to 1986 (FVSA). 
  • Participant of the inventory of Flora and Fauna of the Natural Area "Ingeniero Rómulo Otamendi", Province of Buenos Aires, (GENAN/ FVSA). 
  • Participant and organizer of the 1st and 2nd Inventory of Marine and Shore Birds from "Costa Bonita", Buenos Aires (AMYC/ FVSA), up to 1986. 



  • Organization of the Campaign For The Protection Of Coastal Migratory Birds and distribution of concerning educational material along of the marine coast from Buenos Aires until Comodoro Rivadavia City, in Patagonia (AMYC/ FVSA). 
  • Participant of the Journey On Discussion and Updating of Conducts for the Distribution and Use of pesticides in Argentina. 



  • Member of the Argentinean Group of Waders (GAL), until the present. 
  • Participant of the National Journey of Marine Sciences in Puerto Madryn. 




  • Founder of the Austral Ornithological Society (ASORA). 
  • Participant and organizer of the Campaign for the Rescue of Penguins Affected by Off-Shore Oil-Spilling; coordinator of the area Valdés Peninsula (ASORA) 
  • President of the Austral Ornithological Society (ASORA), so far. 
  • Organization and direction of 5 courses for Begginer Birdwatchers so far (ASORA).   


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