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  • Patagonia is a geographical region that extends, in the Argentine Republic, from the Atlantic Ocean in the east until the mountain range of the Andes to the West and from the Colorado and Limay rivers in the north until the Cape Horn in the southernmost end from America. 


  • On the Andes, Patagonia is a region of subantarctic rain-forests and lakes of incomparable beauty. In the southernmost area are located the glaciers, of which perhaps the most famous due to the particularity of remaining in movement, it is the "Perito Moreno" in the Province of Santa Cruz. 


  • Continuing south, is located Tierra del Fuego, starting point toward the Cape Horn and even more; toward the endless horizons of Antarctica. 


  • Perhaps the most enigmatic zone of the Argentine Patagonia is the semi-desert; that means the whole territory that extends from the foot of the Andes until the sea and to the south until the north of Tierra del Fuego. 


  • This desert, at some time described by naturalists of the magnitude of Charles Darwin, still fully preserve it's wild spirit and it is possible to experience the same sensations than those first explorers did. In the heart of the Patagonian semi-desert is located the Province of Chubut. To the northeast of it is extended the Valdés Peninsula , home of the Southern-Right Whale and the only continental breeding colony of Southern Elephant-Seals. Also on the Atlantic coast of Chubut is Punta Tombo, the biggest nesting colony of Magellanic Penguins that exists in the world, with a population of more than 500,000 breeding birds. 


  • If you are thinking of visiting Patagonia or do operate groups down to it, have the support of an expert. Contact me and together will turn in reality the dream of visiting the southernmost confine of the Earth. I'm specialized in natural history groups and more specifically in Birdwatching. 


  • My place of residence is the City of Puerto Madryn, in the northeast of Chubut Province, home of the Southern-Right Whale, Southern Elephant-Seal, the Magellanic Penguin and of course; my home. 


  • Don't doubt it, Patagonia is waiting for you. 


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